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    Sweet Melon, Sweet Summer

    Author: Jin Jun,Zhang Jiawei,etc.  Date:2015-06-04     Read:

       Sweet Melon, Sweet Summer 

    After long process of transporting, unloading, stacking up, unwrapping, washing up, cutting, removing pulp, slicing,dishing up, coating, setting the tables and serving, the first 5,000 “NWAFU Zaomi I” were finally offered to the students during lunch time on June 3rd . In the student canteen of North campus, experts Li Shengyin, Si Lizheng, and Zhang Huimei from the university’s Yan Liang Melon Demonstration Station introduced the breeding and producing process of the new melon variety, and gave out melons to students. Mr. Ma Jianhua, Vice Secretary of A&F Party Committee, along with principals from other offices, also went to the spot to taste the melon and shared with students. Flocks of students came for the melon, enjoying the sweet fruit and making comments. Joy and pride were flowing inside and outside of the canteen.
    Melons arrive!
    Stacking up
    Washing up
    Removing the pulp
    Careful preparation
    Packing up
    Melon time
    Zero-distance with experts
    Inviting student
    Translated by: Rui Zhao
    Proofread by: Xianhui Yan


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